Roxboro fire forces 15 from their homes

Two buildings on Gouin Boulevard were damaged after a fire spread quickly just after midnight.

Montreal police take over investigation, no one was hurt

Montreal police have taken over the investigation into an overnight fire in Roxboro. (Antoni Nerestant/CBC)

An overnight fire in a triplex in Roxboro has forced 15 people from their homes.

The building and a neighbouring triplex on Gouin Boulevard were damaged after the flames spread quickly just after midnight.

"The fire seemed to begin on the back balcony of a three-storey building, on the first floor," Luc Robillard, the Montreal fire department's head of operations said. "And when the firemen arrived, the fire was already spread to the second floor and the roof of the building."

No one was hurt but the 15 residents will have to stay elsewhere until the buildings are repaired.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The investigation has been transferred to the Montreal police due to the extent of the damage, said Robillard.