Rosemère fire station to close after injunction request refused

A judge has rejected a request for an injunction that would have kept the Rosemère fire station temporarily open.

Firefighters union argued decision illegal during labour negotiations

Firefighters in Rosemère protested the town's decision to close its fire station. (CBC)

A judge for the province's new labour tribunal has rejected a request for an injunction that would have allowed the Rosemère fire station to remain open temporarily.

In early March, the Town of Rosemère announced it was closing its fire department and laying off three administrative employees and 38 firefighters to save the town $30 million over 20 years.

Under the new arrangement, the town of 14,000 north of Montreal will be served by the neighbouring Blainville fire department.

The union for Rosemère firefighters filed for the injunction last week, arguing Rosemère couldn't strike a deal with another department and lay off its employees while in the midst of labour negotiations. 

The judge ultimately rejected the request.