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Roberto Rocha is a data journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada.

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The 2nd wave is coming. Here's what public health experts say we should expect

We asked dozens of physicians, epidemiologists and public health experts what to expect from a second wave of COVID-19 infections. Most said the severity of a second wave will depend on what infection-control measures governments put in place and whether or not people adhere to public health guidelines.

Return of sailor with white supremacist past sparks protest in navy

Members of a Canadian Forces Naval Reserve base in Calgary say they're upset at how the Armed Forces readmitted a sailor identified by CBC News as the former administrator of a neo-Nazi forum.
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How Montreal's health experts are dealing with the risks of daily life

Health experts in Montreal — including ER doctors, epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists — are getting haircuts again and hanging out with friends, but many say it will take a vaccine before they feel safe going to a large wedding or playing a sport like hockey.

What countries did right and wrong in responding to the pandemic

Why were some countries better able than others to control the spread of the coronavirus despite having similar measures? CBC News breaks down the numbers and speaks with some top experts to find out.

New StatsCan data reveals hundreds of 'excess' deaths in Canada amid pandemic

Hundreds more Canadians died in the early weeks of the pandemic than in the same period in previous years — but not all were directly connected to COVID-19, according to new figures released Friday by Statistics Canada.

Montreal's poorest and most racially diverse neighbourhoods hit hardest by COVID-19, data analysis shows

Since the start of the pandemic, Montreal districts with higher numbers of Black people and more cramped housing have registered the most cases of COVID-19, according to an analysis of census data by CBC News.

Early 'excess death' data for Canada suggests decrease in deaths in early days of pandemic

Data released Wednesday by Statistics Canada suggests that fewer Canadians died in the first three months of 2020 than in the same period in previous years, despite the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

'Hey, Google, how do I deal with stress?' Web searches during COVID-19 reveal Canadians' anxieties

A year ago, Canadians were wondering how long it takes to get to the moon, how to cook rice and how to make granola at home. These days, they’re more worried about getting government aid and making their own hand sanitizer.

Some hospitals across Canada could face significant shortage of ICU beds, projections reveal

With an increasing number of COVID-19 patients expected over the next few months, some Canadian hospitals could face significant shortfalls of ICU beds, according to projections from a team of researchers.

Is Canada bad at sharing public data? COVID-19 rekindles an old debate

Is Canada bad at sharing public data? It's a perennial debate, rekindled by COVID-19. Ottawa's slowness to release death projections has stoked passions on both sides of a long-running debate.

Your guide to the latest data about the COVID-19 outbreak in Quebec

The latest figures on the COVID-19 outbreak, explained.

The flurry of daily pandemic data can be overwhelming. Here's how to make sense of it

Every day, Canadians are bombarded with fresh numbers on the COVID-19 pandemic from around the world. Check out these tips to help make sense of the data.

The data-driven pandemic: Information sharing with COVID-19 is 'unprecedented'

Data released by governments and citizens worldwide is helping researchers respond faster to a global crisis.

Early action on COVID-19 can 'flatten the curve' even more, Toronto researchers urge

A simulation by Toronto epidemiologists shows how acting before cases mount will make it even easier to manage

Groups linked to oil companies funded Facebook ads denouncing the rail blockades

Groups linked to oil and gas companies have been spending big on Facebook ads denouncing the First Nations-led protests that have targetted rail transport in Canada in the past month.