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Roberto Rocha is a data journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada.

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Exposing Hate

Leak of thousands of posts from defunct neo-Nazi forum offers clues to identify Canadian members

A massive leak of posts and private messages from a neo-Nazi message board that went offline two years ago offers clues to identify its Canadian members, including some who claimed to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Fears of election meddling on social media were overblown, say researchers

There was little evidence of foreign interference on social media during the federal campaign, but news coverage suggested otherwise, researchers say.

How candidates use Twitter says a lot about how parties communicate in Canada

Federal candidates in the recent election campaign mostly amplified their party leaders and mainstream news outlets on Twitter - which is exactly how the parties like it.

Researchers found evidence of Twitter troll activity in the last week of the federal election

Highly coordinated Twitter accounts were active in discussions of Canadian politics during the 2019 federal election, suggesting an organized campaign. How effective they were is unclear.

Here's what we learned from 20 years of film shoots in Montreal

In the past 20 years, more than 8,000 movies, TV shows, advertisements and news reports have been shot in Montreal.

More donors, smaller donations: How political fundraising has changed in Canada

The number of Canadians who donate to political parties has steadily increased over the past decade, while the amount of money given by each donor has continued to decline, an analysis of Elections Canada data going back to 2004 has shown.

YouTube now recommends fewer conspiracies — and less Canadian political content

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm seems to be trying to actively steer users away from political content, towards more viral or popular videos, an in-depth CBC analysis of over 20,000 recommendations shows.

One-sixth of schools in Montreal dangerously close to polluted roads: analysis

Is your child's school near a busy road? Despite public health warnings, no zoning changes have been made to prevent new schools from being built near highways.

What 35,000 political ads on Facebook reveal about Canada's election-year message battle

We are still two months from the federal election, but industry groups, partisan advocates and unions have been busy spending big money on highly targeted Facebook ads to push their agenda.

Tens of thousands of dollars, then silence: How some 3rd parties spent big in June

Two prominent third-party groups spent tens of thousands of dollars on political Facebook ads this spring, just before they stopped running advertising to stay inside of new election financing rules. Whether their message will still resonate with voters is another question.

Liberals lead in Facebook ad spending - but Conservatives close behind

The Liberal Party is outspending other parties on Facebook election ads, according to new data released by Facebook Thursday. But the Conservatives are close behind — and are spending more per ad than any other party.

How a suspected Iran-based campaign tried to get Canadian media to spread fake news

An online disinformation campaign believed to originate from Iran tried to get Canadian media to amplify fake news, a CBC/Radio-Canada analysis has found. And in at least one instance, it was successful.
CBC Investigates

Twitter trolls stoked debates about immigrants and pipelines in Canada, data show

Twitter trolls tried to stoke fears about pipelines and immigration in Canada, according to a CBC/Radio-Canada analysis of 9.6 million tweets from accounts linked to suspected foreign influence campaigns.
In Depth

Quebec's household spending shows generational shift from boomers to millennials

Compared to a decade ago, Quebecers are spending more money on trips and gardening and less on home entertainment systems, computer hardware and — no surprise there — landline phone service.

As the popularity of drones explodes, so do risks to airplanes

Drones haven't caused a major airport shutdown in Canada — but there have been many near-misses, according to CBC News analysis of federal data.