Rick Mercer congratulates McGill students

McGill University students earn a spot on the season finale of the Rick Mercer Report.

McGill tops in anti-malaria fundraiser

McGill University students raised close to $10 thousand in Rick Mercer's "Spread the Net" student challenge — earning them a featured spot on the season finale of the Rick Mercer Report.

Fourteen elementary schools, 31 high schools and 12 post-secondary institutions from across the country participated in the challenge, raising a quarter million dollars. 

"Spread the net" is a campaign to purchase and distribute bed nets to families in sub-tropical regions of Africa, where malaria is rampant.

Every year, over 780,000 deaths are linked to the mosquito-borne disease.

Children, because of their small bodies and immature immune systems are particularly at risk, but a single bed net can help protect one child for as long as five years.

To find out more about Mercer's campaign and how you can contribute, go to