Recyclable or not in Montreal?

Take our quiz to find out how much you know about what you can throw in the recycling bin in Montreal.

How much do you know about what can be tossed in your recycling bin?

Do you know what can be recycled in Montreal and what can't? (Espace pour la vie Montréal)

Take our recycling quiz and then learn more about recyclable materials accepted in Montreal below.


1.Berry container vs. blue plastic mushroom container

The blue and black plastic trays cannot be recycled. Other fruit containers may be recyclable, but make sure the number marked at the bottom of the tray will be accepted by your municipality. Number 6 plastics are not recycled in Montreal. 

2. Shampoo bottle vs. Styrofoam meat tray

Styrofoam cannot be recycled in Montreal at this time. Recyc-Québec says work is being done to find a way to recycle the materials. Most shampoo bottles are accepted. 

3. Plastic bag vs.small yogurt container

Small yogurt containers, like those sold in packs of four or more, are usually made out of a plastic that can’t be recycled in Montreal. Plastic bags can be recycled, but sorting centres suggest people re-use the bags, instead of recycling them.

4. CD case vs. plastic packaging wrap

CD cases are made out of a plastic which cannot be recycled, but some retailers have specialized recycling programs for them. "Flexible" plastics, like those that make up packaging on toilet paper, are accepted in Montreal.

5. Diaper vs. bleach bottle

Disposal diapers cannot be recycled. Most hard plastic bottles are accepted in Montreal. 

6. Photos vs. “publi-sacs”

Flyers can be recycled but they need to be taken out of the plastic bag. The plastic bags should be grouped together in a bag of bags when they are recycled. Photographs cannot be recycled.

7. Metro ticket vs. lottery ticket

Metro tickets cannot be recycled. Lottery tickets and other uncoated papers can be put in the recycling bin. (Double-check the numbers first!)

8. Small coffee milk/cream containers vs. coffee cup

The small individual cream containers cannot be recycled. Most coffee cups, if they aren’t coated by a wax or plastic film, will be accepted. Sorting facilities ask that lids be taken off cups.

9. Hanger vs. phone book

Hangers don’t go in the recycling bin, but they can be recycled at some eco-centres, or drop them off at your local dry cleaner. Phone books can go in the bin. 

10. Cork vs. wine bottle

Corks won't be accepted curbside but they can be recycled at some eco-centres. Glass bottles can be put in the bin.