Rain and overnight snow make for messy winter weather in Montreal

Temperatures are expected to plummet by Thursday and fall to lows in the -20s over the weekend.

Temperatures to plummet Thursday, with lows in - 20s this weekend

Despite freezing drizzles, the road should stay fairly clear this afternoon. (Isaac Olson/CBC News)

Montrealers are in for messy weather Tuesday evening.

After a day of freezing drizzle, there is more rain in store this evening, which will turn to snow, then back to freezing rain, before turning into snow again by Wednesday morning.

"If the snow isn't cleaned Wednesday, it will turn into sculptures by Thursday, when temperatures are expected to plummet to lows around – 21 C or – 22 C," said CBC Montreal's weather specialist, Frank Cavallero.

"The weekend will be very cold and very dry." 

The high will be zero degrees in Montreal this afternoon. (Isaac Olson/CBC News)