Raffy Boudjikanian

Raffy Boudjikanian is a national reporter with CBC in Edmonton. He has also worked in Calgary and Montreal for the public broadcaster.

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Some Dawson Creek, B.C., residents concerned about normalization of far-right group

The RCMP has downplayed the threat posed by the Soldiers of Odin in Dawson Creek, B.C., but anti-hate activists are not convinced.

Royal Canadian Legion to investigate hate-group presence in local Alberta branch, ban them

The Royal Canadian Legion says it is looking into how far-right group Soldiers of Odin managed to sign up members at a local Legion branch, rent hall for community dinner.

Banned by Facebook, shunned by politicians, Soldiers of Odin hold event at Royal Canadian Legion branch

The Grande Prairie, Alta., Soldiers of Odin say they have done nothing to earn the white supremacist and racist reputation hounding their organization internationally, and only engage in community work

Behind the scenes of the NDP government's Ford-Kenney offensive

A messaging campaign, developed behind closed doors by NDP staffers last fall, was focused in part on linking UCP Leader Jason Kenney to the education policies of the Conservative government in Ontario.

Cattle farmers say new antibiotics prescription rules will be costly

New federal rules that kick in on Dec. 1 will set limits on farmers’ abilities to procure antibiotics for their livestock.

How TransAlta used a university-sanctioned research project to lobby for the coal industry

Energy giant TransAlta paid the University of Alberta $54,000 to hand-pick one of its researchers to produce a study and other materials it used to lobby the provincial government to try to protect the coal industry, documents obtained by CBC News reveal.

Hosting World Cup games a boost to soccer in Canada, say coaches

Canadian soccer coaches say hosting World Cup games in 2026 will help build a far more intensive system for attracting, developing and retaining top players.

Canadian offshoot of U.S. libertarian campus group says it provides needed counterpoint to liberal bias

Some U.S. academics are warning their Canadian counterparts to be wary of a U.S. libertarian group that has recently set up a chapter on the campus of Simon Fraser University, but its proponents say it provides a much-needed counterpoint to the increasingly liberal bias of academia.

Breaking new ground: Métis in Alberta buy their land from province for 1st time in Canada

The Métis community of Fort McKay, Alta., has become the first in Canada to buy all of the land it's on from a provincial government. The $1.6 million transaction is being announced today.

The right's resurgence and the NDP's pipeline push: The year in Alberta politics

As popular former federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney unites Alberta's fractured political right, Rachel Notley's NDP government ties its electoral fortunes to a slowly rekindling economy and pipelines.

Canada's largest First Nation enforces no-trespass bylaw amid fentanyl crisis

An Alberta First Nation has passed a bylaw that forbids non-band members from entering without a permit and charges non-members who do business there extra fees — in a bid to put the brakes on high numbers of fentanyl-related deaths and overdoses.

Move on, rebuild smarter, elsewhere: flood lessons learned in parts of Alberta

Residents and officials in High River, one of the hardest-hit communities during the June 2013 floods in Alberta, say anyone dealing with the current flooding devastation in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia should rethink how and where they live.

Beyond entertainment: Virtual reality to ease anxiety no longer just sci-fi stuff

A psychology professor and students are working on a project to help people escape the stress of day-to-day life or traumatic situations by throwing on a pair of VR goggles.

Eric Dahl's mission to clean every soldier's gravestone in Drumheller inspires other Albertans

A lone volunteer’s quest to clean every military gravestone at the Drumheller Municipal Cemetery in Alberta is slowly becoming a social movement.

Calgary Muslims target Islamophobia in response to hate-filled posters

The Hussaini Association of Calgary will hold a peace march Sunday afternoon, hoping to send a strong message days after anti-Muslim posters were plastered over the University of Calgary's main campus.