Meet Quebec's homegrown Star Wars R2 droid

Frédéric St-Amour has built his own remote controlled R2 droid with plans he got from the internet.

The droid costs $3,000 to make and almost two years to build

Frédéric St-Amour and his homemade R2-T54 droid.

7 years ago
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Frédéric St-Amour and his homemade R2-T54 droid.

Terrebonne's Frédéric St-Amour is the proud builder of his own remote controlled R2-T54 droid.

"For the love of Star Wars," is what inspired St-Amour to make the robot. 

He spent 21 months building his robot with plans and help from the online R2-D2 builder community.

"You can always download pretty much anything," St-Amour told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

His R2 costs about $3,000 dollars to build. It weighs about 80 pounds and is made out of plastic.

An aluminum version of his creation could cost $12,000.

The droid can move around, make beeping noises and even blow smoke. St-Amour plans to add a scanner and a periscope.

He told Daybreak he is pleased with the attention his R2 droid has gotten.

"I bring him to hospitals, I bring him to studios."

St-Amour's day job is being a paramedic and uses his drone building hobby to unwind.   

"It's a stressful job it's the perfect way to de-stress after work," St-Amour said.


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