Queue de Cheval owner defends controversial ad as 'beautiful and attractive'

The owner of Montreal steakhouse Queue de Cheval is defending himself after coming under criticism for an advertisement posted on the restaurant's Facebook page.

Restaurateur says ad originally created for 2008 breast cancer fundraiser

Montreal restaurant Queue de Cheval is facing criticism for an image it posted to Facebook last week. (Facebook)

The owner of Montreal steakhouse Queue de Cheval is defending himself after coming under criticism for an advertisement posted on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The ad shows a woman posing in lingerie alongside the catchphrase, "How do you like your meat?"

The post has elicited strong reaction on social media. 

One commenter on Facebook called the ad a "tacky, outdated reminder of a time before women hosted business lunches, picked the first-date restaurant or controlled dining budgets."

Another called it "sexually degrading."

But Peter Morentzos, who owns Queue de Cheval, said people are overreacting.

Morentzos said the ad is meant "be exotic, beautiful and attractive."

He said it was originally created as part of a 2008 marketing campaign for a charity event for breast cancer for the restaurant's 10th anniversary.

"It was an effective publicity then, but it seems to be more effective now.....Wow , what a reaction!!!," he wrote in an email to CBC.

"We are a steakhouse that serves carnivores and foodies, and of course....people that want to conquer the universe!!!

"It has a play on words and not a play on sexist remarks, or the diminishing of the most beautiful contribution by creation...a woman!!!!"

Morentzos added that he appreciates the reaction but suggested people not take things so seriously because "there are so many other problems we as people are facing!!!!!!"


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