Quebec Votes Oct 1


Pascal Bérubé named interim Parti Québécois leader

The former tourism minister and MNA for Matane-Matapédia will head the party until it chooses a replacement for Jean-François Lisée, who stepped down after the PQ suffered devastating losses in the Oct. 1 election.

Québec Solidaire's youngest MNA credits grasp of region for unseating Liberal minister

Meet Émilise Lessard-Therrien, 26, a new mother and organic farmer who wants to transform Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Lac-Saint-Jean mayors disappointed by Couillard's departure

The mayors of former Quebec premier Philippe Couillard's riding are expressing sadness over the loss of their local representative in the province, saying he contributed a lot to the Lac-Saint-Jean region's development.

What we've learned so far about the incoming CAQ government

Quebecers anxious about having a new party in power for the first time in 42 years can already draw some clues about what the next four years will look like.

Voting recount moves ahead on Magdalen Islands

Voting boxes will be re-opened on the Magdalen Islands next week following a court order. The PQ candidate won with 18 votes ahead of the Liberal candidate.

Guy Ouellette expelled from Liberal caucus

The MNA for the Laval riding of Chomedey will not be returning to the Liberal caucus, the Liberals announced on Friday.

Just 18 votes shy of victory, the Liberals request a recount on the Magdalen Islands

The Parti Québécois defeated the Liberals on the Magdalen Islands, and in Gaspé, the Liberals beat the PQ by 132 votes. Recounts are being sought in both ridings.

Philippe Couillard steps down, making way for a 'new generation' of Quebec Liberals

With his wife Suzanne Pilote by his side, Philippe Couillard said he is leaving Quebec in a much better state than it was in when he came to power, but that he has to take responsibility for the Liberal Party's defeat Monday night.

Low voter turnout in Montreal's west end shows Anglo disillusionment with Liberals

The Quebec Liberal Party is being hit by a stark realization after suffering a major defeat in Monday's election: it may no longer be able to count on the anglophone vote.

8 maps that explain Quebec's surprise election results

Did demographics determine the results of the 2018 Quebec election? These maps provide a clue.

CAQ doesn't intend to give up 3rd link for Quebec City, despite local grumbling

Quebec's premier-designate will find a few people standing in the way of his plans to begin construction of a third link across the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, with the election of two Québec Solidaire candidates in the region.

Philippe Couillard to quit politics, sources say

The Liberal leader will step down from his post as the head of his party and give up his seat in the National Assembly, sources have told Radio-Canada.

Parti Québécois promise not to pursue sovereignty let voters drift away, says Bernard St-Laurent

Once a powerhouse in Quebec, the Parti Québécois lost official status in Monday's election. Anna Maria Tremonti is joined by three political observers to discuss what went wrong, and what comes next.

French and values tests not the way to integrate newcomers, Quebec immigrants say

Quebec's next premier says he'll go ahead with plans to reduce immigration levels by 20 per cent and test newcomers on their values and French skills, but newcomers and their advocates say it's the wrong approach.
Ballot Brief

A spec-CAQ-cular victory for François Legault

For the first time since 1970, a party other than the Parti Québécois or the Liberals is at the helm. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and here’s your last Ballot Brief to get you across the finish line.

Quebec Liberals search for answers after historic defeat

Quebec Liberals are searching for answers after a historically poor result in Monday's election that saw them lose with the lowest share of the popular vote in the party's history.

François Legault's immigration proposals probably won't 'see the light of day,' says pollster

Coalition Avenir Québec won a majority in Monday's provincial election with 74 seats, but one pollster predicts they will shy away from proposals on immigration.

'Huge change' as CAQ stakes claim to Outaouais

The Outaouais, for decades a virtual lock for Liberal candidates running in Quebec elections, has shown it's not immune from changing political tides by electing three MNAs from the Coalition Avenir Québec.

François Legault's CAQ swept to power by suburbs, rural regions and francophones

It was supposed to be a close election, but instead François Legault's CAQ won a decisive majority with the collapse of the Liberal and Parti Québécois vote.

Quebec may just have had its most important election in 50 years

On Monday night, Quebec politics underwent its most significant realignment in the last half-century. Two parties that had been relegated to the margins — the centre-right Coalition Avenir Québec and left-wing Québec Solidaire — entered the mainstream.

After a dismal election result, what does the future hold for the Parti Québécois?

The sovereigntist party is in shambles after it didn't retain official party status in the election Monday night, and its leader, Jean-François Lisée, announced he would be stepping down after losing his own seat.



Quebec's party leaders have this to say to voters after the ballots are counted

The CAQ's François Legault invites Quebecers to 'start working together,' while the Liberals' Philippe Couillard reflects on his future, PQ Leader Jean-François Lisée steps down and Québec Solidaire's Manon Massé celebrates her party's rising fortunes.

Former La Pêche mayor Robert Bussière replaces Stéphanie Vallée in Gatineau

Former La Pêche mayor Robert Bussière with the CAQ will represent Gatineau in Quebec City.

CAQ candidate Mathieu Lévesque wins in Chapleau

Mathieu Lévesque of the Coalition Avenir Québec has won the Gatineau riding of Chapleau.

Hull re-elects Liberal Maryse Gaudreault

Liberal Maryse Gaudreault will remain the MNA for Hull, which includes the central part of the City of Gatineau

Eastern Townships turns the page on decades of Liberal rule

Traditionally Liberal strongholds in the Eastern Townships have fallen to the CAQ wave rolling across Quebec, with the exception of Sherbrooke, which has voted in a Québec Solidaire candidate.

Mathieu Lacombe of the CAQ wins in Papineau

Voters in Papineau, largely made up of communities east of Gatineau, Que., have elected Mathieu Lacombe to represent them in Quebec's National Assembly.

Québec Solidaire triples number of seats, gets off island of Montreal

Québec Solidaire won seats off the island of Montreal for the first time in the party's history on Monday, more than tripling its seat count at the National Assembly.