Quebec teen facing terror charges calls investigator 'traitor' in video

Accused teen yells at RCMP officer "You work for non-believers. You are an apostate" in interrogation video shown in court.

Teen robbed convenience store to allegedly get money for a plane trip to join a jihadist group

An investigator with provincial police says a phone number found in the pocket of the teen facing terror related charges belongs to Martin Couture-Rouleau. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

The second day of trial continues for a Lachine teenager charged with terror-related offences after robbing a convenience store to allegedly get money for a plane ride overseas to join a jihadist group.

The teen has already pleaded guilty to armed robbery. He now faces two charges of terror-related offences. Federal prosecutors allege he committed the robbery for the benefit of an unspecified terrorist organization.

On Wednesday, Judge Dominique Wilhelmy was shown the rest of a video recording of the teen's interrogation by police the day of his arrest, Oct. 7, 2014. 

You work for non-believers. You are an apostate- Accused teen, from interrogation video shown in court

At the time, the accused was 15. 

During the interrogation, the accused can be seen launching into a rant about his vision of Islam.

"You're a traitor," he yells at RCMP investigator Brahim Soussi in the video.

"You work for non-believers. You are an apostate."

The teen also says he's against democracy.

"I have the right to go to a miscreant and take his things," he continues in the video.

"It's considered the spoils of war and I am at war."

The accused often interrupts Soussi, saying he doesn't want to talk anymore.

"I have reasons why I did what I did," he replies when asked about the robbery.

"Non-believers won't understand. Only Muslims will."

The teen then refuses to answer any more questions, ending the interrogation.

Teen's father testifies

On Wednesday, the accused's father testified about the day his son was arrested.

He told the court that he didn't find out his son had been arrested until police arrived to search his home. 

He said he was told he couldn't see his son and that his son had refused his presence.

Day 1 of trial reviews arrest with detective

The teen, who is now 16, was arrested at a private high school in Lachine in October.

On Tuesday, Sgt.-Det. Claudio Del Corpo testified the grade 10 student was brought to the principal's office to be placed under arrest in connection with the armed robbery of a convenience store.

I have the right to go to a miscreant and take his things- Accused teen, from interrogation video shown in court

A search warrant being carried out at the family's home in Lachine and later an RCMP investigation into the teen's alleged ties to a terrorist organization. 

In the first half of the interrogation video, played for the court on Tuesday, the teen appears calm and talks about his family and school.

He declines to answer some of the questions including what websites he usually visits.

"There's no question that you did this," Del Corpo tells the teen on the recording, referring to the crimes he's accused of committing. "But why?"

"I won't answer," the teen replies.

During the interrogation, Del Corpo suggests the accused had been visiting websites tied to terrorist organizations since 2012 while attending a private high school on a bursary.

The prosecution said the court will later hear from a police investigator who found the flag and logo of ISIS saved on the teen's computer, as well as experts on topics including jihadists and the "situation in Syria." 

The prosecution has said it would seek an adult sentence if the accused is found guilty.

The accused cannot be named because he is being tried in youth court.