Quebec student takes on striking peers

Université de Sherbrooke student Philippe-Olivier Daniel said he is taking legal action against a number of striking student associations.

A Quebec student says he's had enough of striking students infringing on his right to attend his classes.

Philippe-Olivier Daniel, who studies at the Université de Sherbrooke, said he is taking legal action against a number of student associations. He's also encouraging other students who feel their rights have been infringed to consider their legal options.

Daniel, who is the president of Coalition Étudiante pour l'Association Libre (CÉPAL), said he wasn't able to attend an important Chinese class because of pressure tactics carried out by a student association he doesn't belong to.

He's sent a letter to the Association générale étudiante de la faculté des lettres et sciences humaines de l’Université de Sherbrooke, as well as province-wide student groups FEUS, the FEUQ and the CLASSÉ.

In the letter, Daniel demands a cease any actions preventing him from attending his classes, and he's reportedly asking financial compensation for the class he wasn't able to attend.

CÉPAL is urging students to sign a petition on the website of Quebec's national assembly.

The student group is asking that all student groups make it clear to their members that they have the right to attend classes if they choose to and that they allow classes to continue undisturbed.