Quebec City police fine minors at illegal holiday gathering

This is the fourth police intervention in less than 48 hours for an illegal gathering in the greater Quebec City area.

41 tickets issued in city over Christmas weekend

Quebec City police received 164 calls about illegal gatherings in the past week. Minors as young as 14 can be fined. (Jean-Claude Taliana / CBC)

Quebec City police officers broke up another illegal party held overnight on Sunday at a residence in the borough of Sainte-Foy.

Police handed out 14 tickets to the teens and young adults aged 16 to 20 who were at the party. 

During the holiday season, the Quebec government prohibited all indoor and outdoor gatherings in red zones in an effort to curb COVID-19 cases, with exceptions made for those who live alone and some single parents.

All of Quebec's major population centres are currently in red zones.

Minors may get fines of up to $560 while adults could pay $1,546. Children under 14 won't get fined. 

The Quebec City police service (SPVQ) arrived at the scene after receiving an anonymous call. Police made use of a telewarrant to enter the residence. 

This is the fourth police intervention in less than 48 hours for an illegal gathering in the greater Quebec City area.

Gathering at Boston Pizza

The night before, the SPVQ broke up an illegal gathering at a Boston Pizza restaurant in L'Ancienne-Lorette.

Police issued 11 fines of $1,543 to attendees not respecting public health measures. 

Besides gathering illegally, partygoers were drinking on site, said police.  

According to restaurant co-owner, Jonathan Delarosbil, four employees invited relatives during their shift on Saturday evening. Restaurants in red zones are currently permitted to offer takeout service.

Police contacted the other co-owner, Mathieu Castilloux, around midnight on Saturday.

"We don't condone that," Castilloux said. "They had a kind of party on the premises without our permission. There will be disciplinary measures, that's for sure. It's irresponsible both for us and for our brand and society."

Between Dec. 21 and Dec. 27, the SPVQ received 164 calls and gave 41 tickets for illegal gatherings. 

Sixty-seven of those calls, resulting in 11 fines, occurred between  Dec. 24 at 5 p.m. and Dec. 26 at 4 a.m. 

Despite this intervention, Quebec police said the vast majority of citizens have followed the instructions in the past few days.

With files from Radio-Canada’s Alexane Drolet and Alain Rochefort


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