Quebec is the best of both worlds

CBC reporter Shari Okeke shares her story about living in Quebec as an anglophone.
Shari Okeke is a CBC reporter who grew in Quebec and decided to return after completing her Master's degree in Ontario. (CBC)

I'm an Anglo who was born in Montreal and raised on the West Island.

My parents put me in a French immersion program in Grade 4 and I'm convinced that's why I am bilingual and living in Quebec today.

I moved to Ontario for my Master's degree shortly after the last referendum but after about three years, I really missed Montreal. I also worried about losing my French.  

So I moved back to Montreal and chose to live in a French neighbourhood - the Plateau. My husband's mother tongue is French. Our kids are bilingual and attend a bilingual school. 

My Quebec is the best of both worlds. 

What about you? What is your story of being an anglophone in Quebec?