Quebec puts more money into housing for homeless

More Quebecers living on the streets will have access to housing under provincial funding announced Tuesday.

$11M going toward 225 new housing units aimed at getting people off streets

Ilona Pap, seen here in her apartment in Cartierville, was among the beneficiaries of a housing-first program run by the Old Brewery Mission. (Benjamin Shingler/CBC)

More Quebecers living on the streets will have access to housing under provincial funding announced Tuesday.

Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois said Quebec will put $11 million toward 225 new, low-cost apartments across the province.

The bulk of the money, which was set aside in the 2017 budget, will go to projects in Montreal, Quebec City and the Montérégie region.

People taking part in the housing program will also have access to health-care support and social workers.

"Having an apartment is not the only issue. You've got to have some help to make a structure of what you need to do day by day," Charlebois said at a news conference.

"It's not only to have a roof and some hot temperature. You've got to have a life, and we're helping them to get back their competency."

According to the ministry, 835 homeless people in Montreal have gotten off the streets since 2015. Charlebois says the goal is to find stable housing for 1,000 people who've been homeless in the city by 2019.

Montreal is also expected to announce plans to establish a wet shelter on Wednesday.