The fear that lingers after you recover from COVID-19

Nearly 60,000 Quebecers have tested positive for COVID-19. This is Scott Benesiinaabandan's story of how the infection slowly took over his body and the dread of being reinfected that still haunts him.

Living Through COVID-19 series chronicles Quebecers' experience with the disease

Living Through COVID-19: Scott Benesiinaabandan

1 year ago
Duration 4:49
Scott Benesiinaabandan spent weeks in hospital after falling ill with COVID-19. While he has recovered, the fear of what's to come lingers. 4:49

Scott Benesiinaabandan has no idea where he contracted COVID-19, or why the disease affected him so severely. 

The 46-year-old visual artist from Montreal said the effects of the infection ramped up slowly, like water being brought to a boil, until one day he could barely stand up.

While his roommates, who also tested positive, showed barely any signs of infection, Scott landed in the ICU.

He has recovered, but was left with a sense of dread that the virus is still out there and no one really knows if it could hit him again.

This story is part of CBC Montreal's Living Through COVID-19 visual storytelling project. If you have recovered from from COVID-19 and would like to share your experience, get in touch with us here