As Quebec descended into lockdown, she tested positive for COVID-19

Nearly 60,000 Quebecers have tested positive for COVID-19. This is Lee-Ann Matthews's story of the mystery and uncertainty that surrounded her diagnosis in the pandemic's early days.

Living Through COVID-19 series chronicles Quebecers' experience with the disease

Living Through COVID-19: Lee-Ann Matthews

1 year ago
Duration 3:05
In the early days of the pandemic, thousands of Quebecers returned home from spring break unknowingly infected. Lee-Ann Matthews was one of them. 3:05

On spring break, before the full brunt of the pandemic hit, Lee-Ann Matthews's plans took her to what ended up being three of the riskiest COVID-19 locales: New York City, a cruise ship and Disney World. In the time before lockdowns and mandatory masks, she thought she was doing everything she could to protect herself. 

The "where" of her COVID-19 infection could have been any point on her journey. It's one of the many lingering questions she still has, months after she tested positive. That, and who exactly called the police to report her when she was at the peak of her illness. 

This story is part of CBC Montreal's Living Through COVID-19 visual storytelling project. If you have recovered from from COVID-19 and would like to share your experience, get in touch with us here