Fourth person arrested in connection with far-right counter-protest in Quebec City

A fourth person has been arrested in connection with a counter-demonstration that was held alongside a protest by a far-right group in Quebec City in August.

Suspect could face 4 charges, including theft and assault on a police officer

A counter-demonstration was organized after the far-right group La Meute decided to protest so-called illegal immigration in Quebec City. (Maxime Corneau/Radio-Canada)

A fourth person has been arrested in connection with a counter-demonstration that was held alongside a protest by a far-right group in Quebec City in August.

On Thursday, Quebec City police arrested an 18-year-old man in Montreal. He was released under a promise to appear in court.

Police say the suspect could face four charges, including assault, assault causing bodily harm, theft as well as assault against a police officer.

The crimes are alleged to have taken place on Aug. 20th in downtown Quebec City, where counter-demonstrators descended upon a protest organized by the far-right group La Meute.
Members of the far-right group La Meute called their peaceful protest a victory, after the counter-demonstration grew violent. (Maxime Corneau/Radio-Canada)

The counter-demonstration was declared illegal when black-clad protestors jostled with authorities and threw projectiles at La Meute members.

David Poitras, a spokesperson for Quebec City police, said the crimes are suspected of having occurred around a high-rise building behind the National Assembly.

That's where members of La Meute were meeting in an underground parking lot before their protest, and ended up being pinned there when the counter-demonstration turned violent.

​The two assault charges were allegedly committed against citizens, Poitras said.

He added that police believe the suspect threw an object at a police officer on d'Artigny Street. The theft charge involves a garbage container on de la Chevrotière Street.

Other suspect wanted

In September, two other men — aged 19 and 20 — were also arrested in connection with the counter-demonstration. They both face assault-related charges. 

In addition to these arrests, activist Jaggi Singh was taken into custody during the protest and was eventually charged with obstruction of a peace officer and impersonation.

Singh pleaded not guilty and is expected back in Superior Court on Nov. 30.
Quebec City police are still looking for this suspect on charges of armed assault and arson. (Quebec City police)

Quebec City police say their investigation into the counter-demonstration is still ongoing and are searching for other suspects involved in the protest.

Another person is wanted on charges of armed assault, concealment and arson, and is likely in the Montreal region, Poitras said.