Quebec budget 2015: The breakdown

How will the latest provincial budget affect you? Take a look at the highlights of how Quebec's 2015-2016 financial plan will impact your pocketbook, your job and your community.

How will the 2015-2016 Quebec budget impact you?

Take a look at the highlights of how Quebec's 2015-2016 financial plan will impact your pocketbook, your family, your job and your community. 

  • Quebec Budget 2015

My Pocketbook

  • The graduated health tax will be phased out over three years. Anyone who makes under $42,235 a year will be exempted from paying starting in 2017. Those who make more will see their contributions gradually reduced.
  • “Tax shield” protection to limit loss of refundable tax credit for low-income workers who increase their annual income.
  • Tax credit increase for experienced workers ranging from $6,000 for workers aged 63 up to $10,000 for workers 65 and over.
  • New program to help seniors who are long-term home-owners cope with hikes in municipal taxes.

My Job

  • $125 million to support training and employment over five years.
  • Increase tax credits for Quebec cultural sector, including film and TV production, dubbing, sound recording, book publishing and multimedia.
  • Continuation of the public sector salary freeze.
  • Tax-credit increase for eligible businesses who hire trainees who are immigrants or have a physical disability.
  • $22.5 million over the next three years to integrate immigrants into the labour market.
  • Gradual reduction of the general corporate tax rate from 11.9 per cent to 11.5 per cent.

My Community

  • $4.4 million over three years to implement the Anti-Bullying Action Plan.
  • A 50 per cent increase in tax credits available to farmers or companies who donate agricultural produce to organizations within the Food Banks of Quebec network.
  • $4 million over three years for an action plan that will document the problem of radicalization leading to violence in Quebec and prevent adherence to radical ideologies that advocate violence.
  • $126 million for the construction of 1 500 new social housing units.
  • $123 million to add 5,800 new units into the Rent Supplement program.
  • $35 million to continue the adaptation and renovation of private residences for disadvantaged citizens.
  • $22 million over five years to support the Fondation du Dr. Julien, which is developing a network to improve access to community social pediatric care.
  • Funding for a new program that will provide municipalities with $10 million in additional resources to rehabilitate contaminated sites.

My Province

  • $200 million investment in commercial port infrastructure.
  • $77 million to expand marine tourism.
  • $55.5 million to extend the tax credit for the Gaspé Peninsula and certain other economically fragile maritime communities.
  • $317 million for forest management and development.
  • Introduction of a financial assistance program, at a cost of $70.6 million over five years, to assist with the installation of automatic sprinkler systems required in all existing residences for the elderly.


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