Quebec brewery's offensive beer names spark 'disgust'

The owners of a Lévis, Que., micro-brewery are under fire from women's groups because of the names of some of their beers, including "The Hooker" and "The Little Slut."

Sexual exploitation not a laughing matter, says Quebec women's council

Quebec micro-brewery Le Corsaire is facing criticism for its beer names, which some call offensive. (Le Corsaire)

The owners of a Lévis, Que., micro-brewery are reeling after several of their provocatively named beers drew flak from women’s groups.

With names like “The Hooker” and “La Tite Pute” — the Little Slut – Le Corsaire’s seasonal beers are not a favourite with women's rights groups. 

Le Corsaire doesn't limit its unconventional approach to names. On its menu, "La Tite Pute" is described as "an easy girlfriend, light and fruity." Another seasonal beer, the "Vicieuse," is supposedly "an orgy in your mouth."

The brewery's menu also includes a beer called "The Parrot," which comes with a label depicting a nude woman in a bird cage.

A seasonal beer dubbed 'The Parrot' features a drawing of a nude, caged woman. (Le Corsaire)

The head of Quebec's Council on the Status of Women, Julie Miville-Dechêne, said the names are unacceptable. 

"The name La Tite Pute disgusts me," Miville-Dechêne said. 

“[Prostitution] exploits women. There isn’t a lot of choice involved, there is a lot of exploitation, a lot of violence. It’s not something we should be laughing about,” Miville-Dechêne said.

The co-owners of the micro-brewery said they never meant to insult women, and will be more careful when choosing names in the future.

They said they chose the name La Tite Pute because that beer didn't take as much time to make and it has a more commercial taste.

Co-owner Julie Gagnon, said she didn’t expect their attempt at humour to raise such an outcry. She said they never intended to demean women or promote violence.

Gagnon said they are not alone when it comes to unconventional beer names.

“In the world of micro-breweries, there are plenty of beer names that are trashy enough,” she said.