Quarantine diaries: To the reluctant runners, welcome to the streets

How you are living these days? Are you seeing things differently, or have you taken up a new hobby? CBC Montreal wants to hear your stories.

CBC Montreal wants to hear your observations and anecdotes about your new reality

Jogging outdoors is the new normal for former gym rats across Quebec who have been forced to find new ways to work out in the age of COVID-19. (Matt d'Amours/CBC)

CBC Montreal wants to know how you are living these days. What are you doing differently? Have you learned, realized or observed anything? 

Here is our first instalment, from one of our own: web writer Kamila Hinkson:

After watching a gorgeous day slip away while working at my dining room table, when my shift was over, I decided to go for a run along the Lachine Canal.

A man stopped in front of me, tentatively. In these COVID-19 times, he asked for directions from a safe distance away, wondering how far he could jog until he had to turn around. I told him it wouldn't be long until he ran into — what else — construction.

There were more people out than I expected to see at this time of year, and then I remembered: coronavirus has closed the gyms. We're being told not to assemble. We've nowhere else to go.

I felt like the rookie runners deserved a proper welcome. But I especially want to acknowledge my people — the reluctant runners.

I get it. I started running outside a few years ago. I'm still slow. All I want is to be fast. Everyone else looks so lithe, while I trundle along. My sweat-to-distance-travelled ratio always seems to be wildly out of sync.

A photo from simpler times, when gatherings and running races were allowed: I was number one to my niece and nephew but third to last in the rankings. (Submitted by Kamila Hinkson)

But I can't deny one thing — the feeling of accomplishment is pretty great. Everyone is different, but eventually you will notice progress. You'll be able to make it past that stop sign. Then, to that street lamp up the hill. Soon, you'll be doing a short loop. Maybe that will be enough for you. Maybe you'll want to run longer distances. Five kilometres, 10 kilometres, a half marathon, even? Maybe, but maybe not — and that's fine too.

So, reluctant runners, I see you. These are unprecedented times and we're all trying to adapt. Hang in there. Cardio workouts always suck, don't they?

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