Protesting teachers evicted from temporary camp overnight

A group of teachers who set up a temporary camp across from the Education Minister's Montreal office were evicted from the site overnight.

FAE teachers union 3-day strike continues today

Teachers preparing to camp out overnight in a tent across from the Education Minister's officer were read an eviction order just past midnight. (Radio-Canada)

A group of teachers who set up a temporary camp across from the Education Minister's Montreal office on Fullum Street were evicted from the site overnight. 

The group, which was planning to spend the night as part of pressure tactics over contract negotiations, had erected a large tent on the site. 

Just after 12 a.m., Montreal police were called in to observe as the 50 members of the FAE teachers union were read an eviction order, directing them to leave the premises. 

The group booed after the order was read, but eventually left peacefully. 

"For us, it's completely unacceptable," said Alain Marois, the union's vice-president of political life, pointing to the fact that they were evicted in the middle of the night, even after the site had been inspected by civil security. 

"It's a very precise example of how teachers are treated in Quebec and how we're treated at the negotiation table."

That incident happened as the province prepares for another day of public sector strikes.

Yesterday, thousands of government employees, including teachers, white-collar workers and caretakers, staged a massive protest in downtown Montreal. 

Today, members of Quebec's largest teacher's union will remain off the job as part of a planned three-day protest. 

The strike affects 800 french-language schools across Quebec in regions including Montreal, Laval and the Outaouais.

More demonstrations are planned for today.

Montreal police were called in to observe as the eviction order was read, but the teachers left their tent peacefully. (Radio-Canada)


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