Pouding chômeur recipe plagiarized, chef Caroline Dumas alleges

A pouding chômeur is just plain cake with caramel in a bowl — until you put some raspberries in it. Then it's #PoudingChomeurGate.

Danny St-Pierre, guest on Radio-Canada's Médium Large program, accused of copying recipe for Quebec classic

Danny St-Pierre's pouding chômeur - or is it? (

A pouding chômeur is just plain cake with caramel in a bowl — until you put some raspberries in it. Then it's #PoudingChomeurGate.

The Twitter hashtag was sparked by a battle of words between chefs Caroline Dumas and Danny St-Pierre on Radio-Canada's Médium Large radio program on Wednesday.

Coup de pouce magazine editor Catherine Clermont, SoupeSoup restaurant chain founder Caroline Dumas and chef and TV show host Danny St-Pierre on Médium Large on Wednesday. (Olivier Lalande/Radio-Canada)

The two chefs appeared together as guests on the program to discuss the creation of recipes, and all was well until the Quebec Depression-era classic dessert became the subject of conversation.

Dumas took issue with St-Pierre's apparent copy of her own pouding chômeur recipe.

"It's your pouding chômeur? It's word for word, Danny. Word for word," Dumas told Danny St-Pierre.

"Danny, you copy-pasted the recipe directly from the di Stasio website."

He responded by saying he didn't think it was possible to plagiarize a pouding chômeur recipe, and criticized Dumas for airing her allegation of plagiarism on the radio.

"It's great that we didn't talk before you brought this onto the radio like this. That's really classy," St-Pierre retaliated.

Two Quebec chefs are arguing about the ownership of a particular recipe of pouding chômeur. The chefs, Caroline Dumas and Danny St Pierre, were on the Radio-Canada show Medium-Large yesterday when Dumas said that St Pierre had plagiarized her recipe. Da 8:43

What do you think? Consult the two recipes here: Danny St-Pierre's pouding chômeur​ and Caroline Dumas's pouding chômeur and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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