Porter's Way: The rise and fall of Arthur Porter

The embattled former MUHC head, now living in Nassau, Bahamas, sits down with CBC's Terence McKenna' for an exclusive, revealing interview.

Porter's Way

9 years ago
Terence McKenna takes a close-up look at Dr. Arthur Porter, the Prime Minister's former National security appointee, who is now surrounded by allegations of illicit deals, bribery and corruption. 15:54

Terence McKenna's documentary "Porter's Way" is a close-up look at the amazing rise and fall of Arthur T. Porter.  

The Prime Minister's former senior National Security appointee resigned in scandal 14 months ago from his positions as Chairman of the Federal Security and Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) and the CEO of the new $1.3 billion McGill University Health Centre.  

He disappeared from Montreal and avoided questions about his role in mismanaging billion dollar budgets and what he knows about an alleged $22.5 million fraud against the hospital on his watch.   

Porter is now living in Nassau, Bahamas which is where Terence McKenna caught up with him.  

He finally agreed to sit down for an extensive, revealing interview with CBC Television's The National.