SQ dismantle blockade at oil exploration site near Gaspé

Police said one person was arrested in the operation and charges are likely, notably for mischief, break and enter and disturbing the peace.

Masked protesters had blockaded the road at the Junex well site last week

Provincial police said they moved in to dismantle the blockade after attempts to negotiate with the protesters failed. (Radio-Canada)

Provincial police backed by an armoured car have dismantled a blockade at an oil exploration site about 20 kilometres from the city of Gaspé.

A 29-year-old man was arrested in the police operation last night and has been charged with mischief, theft and break and enter.

Last week, masked protesters had laid down tree trunks to block access to a road that goes to the Galt #4 well, owned by oil-exploration company Junex.

Junex's Galt oil project is one of the most advanced projects of its kind in Quebec.

In a post on an anarchist website, the protest was described as an effort to reassert the sovereignty of the Mi'kmaq First Nation.

However, the chief of the Gespeg nation, Manon Jeannotte, said she wasn't aware of any planned protests.

Police said they tried to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the dispute, but the protesters did not want to enter into a dialogue with them.