Police arrest 6 in cyber attacks case

Police have arrested six people, including three minors, in connection with cyber attacks on Quebec websites.

Provincial Liberal party was hit by cyber attack

Police have arrested six people, including three minors, in connection with cyber attacks on Quebec websites.

In a news release, provincial police said the arrests are tied to attacks on websites that have taken place since May 18, the day Bill 78 passed.

The Quebec government created the bill as a legal response to the student crisis sparked three months ago over planned tuition increases. It suspended the winter semester for striking students and restricted protests, limiting their location, timing and organization.

Authorities had to be given a precise itinerary and eight hours' notice for any protest involving 50 people or more, at the risk of heavy fines running into the thousands of dollars.

The day after Bill 78 passed in the National Assembly, the Quebec Liberal party website was hit by a cyber attack, and that attack prompted some other government websites to shut down as a precaution. Since then, other websites have also been hit.

Provincial police worked with Montreal police and the RCMP as well as several municipal forces on the investigation.

Officers made arrests across Quebec in Rimouski, Sherbrooke, Forestville, Montreal and Longueuil.

Police say the accused will face several charges including mischief and conspiracy, which suggests that although these alleged cyber attackers were in different cities, they were working together.