How did your councillor vote on Montreal's controversial pit bull bylaw?

Montreal city council has voted 37-23 in favour of a controversial bylaw that will see a ban on new ownership of pit bulls. Here's a breakdown to help you find out how your elected official voted.

New bylaw will go into effect across all 19 Montreal boroughs starting Oct. 3

On Sept. 27, Montreal city council voted 37-23 in favour of an animal control bylaw that includes a ban on new ownership of pit bull and pit bull-type dogs. (CBC)

Montreal city council passed a controversial bylaw on Tuesday that will see a ban on new ownership of pit bull and pit bull-type dogs. 

The final vote was 37-23 in favour of the bylaw. The new regulations will go into effect across all 19 Montreal boroughs starting Oct. 3, 2016.

Under the new bylaw, those who now own a pit bull or pit bull-type dog and already live in Montreal will have to acquire a special permit in order to keep their pet by Dec. 31, 2016.

Here's a breakdown of how each elected official voted.

Équipe Denis Coderre

  • Montreal Mayor ​Denis Coderre: In favour.

  • Jim Beis: In favour.
  • Frantz Benjamin: Does not vote because he is the speaker.
  • Michel Bissonette: In favour.
  • Christine Black: In favour.
  • Karine Boivin-Roy: In favour.
  • Richard Celzi: In favour.
  • Harout Chitilian: In favour.
  • Catherine Clément-Talbot: In favour.
  • Suzanne Décarie: In favour.
  • Mary Deros: In favour.
  • Alan deSousa: In favour.
  • Pierre Desrochers: In favour.
  • Érika Duchesne: In favour.
  • Marc-André Gadoury: In favour.
  • Pierre Gagnier: In favour.
  • Manon Gauthier: In favour.
  • Jean-Marc Gibeau: In favour.
  • Richard Guay: In favour.
  • Patricia Lattanzio: In favour.
  • Francesco Miele: In favour.
  • Jean-François Parenteau: In favour.
  • Lionel Perez: In favour.
  • Dominic Perri: In favour.
  • Giovanni Rapana: In favour.
  • Chantal Rouleau: In favour.
  • Chantal Rossi: In favour.
  • Aref Salem: In favour.
  • Anie Samson: In favour.
  • Monique Vallée: In favour.

Projet Montréal, Official Opposition

  • Leader of the Opposition Luc Ferrandez: Against.

  • Eric Alan Caldwell: Against.
  • Sterling Downey: Against.
  • Laurence Lavigne Lalonde: Against.
  • Guillaume Lavoie: Against.
  • François Limoges: Against.
  • Louise Mainville: Against.
  • Peter McQueen: Against.
  • Alex Norris: Against.
  • Sylvain Ouellet: Against.
  • Valérie Plante: Against.
  • Magda Popeanu: Against.
  • Richard Ryan: Against.
  • Craig Sauvé: Against
  • Anne-Marie Sigouin: Against
  • ​Emilie Thuillier: Against.

Coalition Montréal

  • Russell Copeman: In favour.
  • Elsie Lefebvre: In favour.
  • Réal Ménard: In favour.
  • Marvin Rotrand: Against.

Vrai Changement Pour Montréal

  • Normand Marinacci: Against.
  • Justine McIntyre: Against.
  • Steve Shanahan: Against.


  • Richard Bergeron:In favour.
  • Manon Barbe: Against.
  • Marie Cinq-Mars: In favour.
  • Jean-François Cloutier: In favour.
  • Claude Dauphin: In favour.
  • Andrée Hénault: Against.
  • Luis Miranda: Against.
  • Lorraine Pagé: In favour.