Petition to block Starbucks at Jean-Talon Market gains steam

The Jean-Talon Market is about to get a new neighbour that some people say is unwelcome: A brand new Starbucks.

Online petition seeks 5,000 signatures to oppose arrival of American coffee chain at farmers' market

A Starbucks next to Jean-Talon Market? CBC's Sarah Leavitt asked people what they thought about the market's new neighbour. (CBC)

The Jean-Talon Market is about to get a new neighbour that some people say is unwelcome: A brand new Starbucks. 

"A world of flavour is about to move to Montreal," reads the window of a storefront at the corner of Casgrain Avenue and Jean-Talon Street. "Starbucks Coffee opening soon."

For pumpkin spice latte addicts, it's good news. But for at least 4,400 people who've signed a petition against the Starbucks, it's the last thing the Jean-Talon Market area needs.

In just two days, the online petition has collected nearly all of the 5,000 signatures it set out for.

CBC Montreal reporter Sarah Leavitt ventured over to the market to ask shoppers what they thought.

"Supporting the local economy and supporting local employees who buy off of other locals is more important to me than a global giant who overcharges for a product that's usually inferior anyway and is usually obtained through means that are more or less unkind to the producers," said Michel Hamelin.

Olivier Rocheleau-Leclair signed the petition against Starbucks. "We need to tell the city, tell the people who can manage the permits… to say near the public market, you cannot have those big companies," he said.

Elise Cossette signed the petition too. "Since here is a local market, they sell a lot of local products, I feel like it would be better to have a local coffee shop instead of a big American chain," she said.

Check out what some CBC Montreal readers had to say:


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