Driver arrested after allegedly striking 9 pedestrians, including 2 kids, in Montréal-Nord

Montreal police say a total of seven adults and two children were hit shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Montreal police are investigating the incident, but say none of the injuries are life-threatening

Montreal police say the 38-year-old driver has been arrested and investigators are looking into the incident that left nine people injured. (Stéphane Grégoire/Radio-Canada)

A 38-year-old man is in police custody after multiple pedestrians were hit by a car in Montréal-Nord Wednesday.

Montreal police spokesperson Const. Manuel Couture said a total of nine people were hit, but none were seriously injured.

At least six adults and two children were transported to hospital, he said.

The incident began at the corner Langelier Boulevard and de Dijon Street just before 1 p.m., Couture said.

The driver allegedly hit a pedestrian and failed to stop, driving down Dijon, onto the sidewalk and into a group of people near the Valade Avenue intersection.

Couture said police don't yet know if the collisions were deliberate or accidental, or if alcohol or drugs played a role.

"What we are trying to verify is what his state of mind was when he was behind the wheel," said Couture.

"Was he in touch with reality? Was he in a state of crisis? What was he thinking, exactly, at that moment? Did he know exactly what he was doing? Was it deliberate? These are questions that investigators must ask themselves."

Police investigators are on the scene, Couture said, and the driver will be questioned.


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