Parking rates to change at new MUHC superhospital

A quick trip and a longer stay in the parking lot at the new MUHC superhospital will cost you more once the facility opens this spring.

Rates jump by $4 for stays longer than 90 minutes at Glen site

The new MUHC superhospital has announced its parking rates for when the facility opens to patients this spring. (CBC)

A quick trip and a long stay in the parking lot at the new MUHC superhospital will cost you more once the facility opens this spring.

However, if you're parking for between 30 to 90 minutes, rates will be cheaper than they are now. 

Current rates for downtown MUHC sites

New superhospital

30 min.$9$10
60 min.$18$15
90 min.$21$20
90 min. +$21$25

For 30 minutes or less, the rate is going up by 11 per cent: from $9 to $10. For 24 hours, the rate is jumping by $4. 

The patients' committee has already raised the issue of high parking rates with the MUHC.

Mario Di Carlo, the committee's co-chair, said hearing that some rates will go up at the new site is discouraging. 

The issue could be more pronounced because some people will have to drive and park because of the lack of accessible access from the Vendôme Metro station, Di Carlo said. 

He said most people who use the parking lots are at the hospital for more than 90 minutes. 

Imma Franco, the interim director of planning at the MUHC, said the revenue will help pay off the investment in the new parking lot and maintenance.

"We're doing our best to keep rates as low as possible," Franco said.

"We'll work with our patient committee to make sure we can assist them."


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