P.K. Subban says he's 'very, very, very' likely to stay in Montreal

The Montreal Canadiens' star defenceman remains tight-lipped about his contract negoiations, but hints that he's optimistic he won't be moving this season.

Montreal Canadiens defenceman takes fan questions on CBC Montreal's Radio Noon

Montreal Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban and the Canadiens are scheduled for contract arbitration on Friday, Aug.1. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

The fate of P.K. Subban has been the talk of Montreal for weeks now, but the Canadiens' star defenceman has remained tight-lipped as negotiations continue over his contract.

Subban is scheduled to go to arbitration on Friday unless he can ink a new deal with the club before then.

The 2013 Norris Trophy winner is asking for $8.5 million for one year, according to Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman.

Subban took a break from the salary speculation today to take fan questions on CBC Montreal's Radio Noon. 

Here a five of the best ones:

Q: Who do you like playing against the least and the most in the NHL?

A: That’s a very good question.… You know what? I enjoy playing in Toronto. It’s my hometown and I always have a lot of family and friends there.

Where do I not like to play? I don’t think there’s a place in the league that I don’t like to play. I enjoy going into everybody’s building and I enjoy winning in everybody’s building. I try and take that positive approach when I go on the road.

Q: Aside from being with the Habs, what do you like about living in Montreal?

A: The culture, the city, the way people embrace each other. I think Montreal is such a friendly place to be, but it’s very European. I like that European style. I like their lifestyle here. It’s a fun lifestyle to be a part of and to live and I think they live life the right way. I’ve been here for four years. I’ve been coming to Montreal for the past seven years and it’s definitely one of my favourite cities to be in.

Q: If you could play with any defenceman from any era, who would it be?

Definitely Bobby Orr. Statistically and probably favourite as the best defenceman of all time. I figure that I’d be able to win a lot of Stanley Cups if I was able to play with him.

Q: Who on the Habs has the best nickname?

A: I like Carey (Cash) Price. Nobody calls him that but me. Carey (Cash Money) Price, CP, CPizzle. His last name is Price, so anything to do with money, I just flow it into his nickname. I’ve got many other nicknames for him as well, but I probably shouldn’t say them on air.

Most of the guys call me Sizzle. I’d like them to call me Subbanator, but they don’t. The only person that calls me Subbanator or Subbatron is Colby Armstrong, but he’s not on our team anymore. But most of the guys on our team call me Sizzle.

Q: Could you give a percentage chance that you think you’ll be back with the Montreal Canadiens next season?

I would say that there is a very, very, very good chance that I’ll be back. It’s a place that I want to play and I think I’ve made that pretty clear, so I have no reason to believe that a deal won’t get done and I’ll be back with the Montreal Canadiens. 

Mobile users: Listen to the full interview here


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