'Orange cone' quilt shows quintessential Montreal scene

One Daybreak listener made a quilt that captures the challenges of living in the city of orange cones.

Avid CBC Montreal Daybreak listener was inspired by host Mike Finnerty calling Montreal an 'orange cone city'

Adaire Schlatter made this quilt and sent it to the CBC Daybreak team. She was inspired by a regular Montreal scene. (Annie Deir/CBC)

Adaire Schlatter has been making quilts for decades, but after hearing an interview on CBC Montreal's Daybreak she was inspired to send the team a quilt showing a city street under construction and covered in orange cones.

"What to do with these things, my family really doesn't need it and when you talked about the orange cone city, I figured, 'oh well, that's where it should go,'" Schlatter told host Mike Finnerty.

"We as quilters are sometimes challenged to do things," she said.

True to reality, Schlatter put a total of 19 orange cones on the quilt.

Quilt registry 

Schlatter says she, along with her fellow quilters, wanted to catch up with the times and in the 1990s, they decided to open a quilt registry here in Quebec.

"The stories are wonderful of quilts, they're happy, they're sad, they're all kinds of things," Schlatter says of the main inspiration to start the registry.

Adaire Schlatter's quilt in all its glory. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

To date, a total of 4,921 quilts have been registered.

Schlatter says while quilting is popular in the United States and the rest of Canada, Quebec has been slower to embrace the craft.