Stéfanie Trudeau, 'Officer 728,' handed 12-month suspended sentence, community service

Former Montreal police officer Stéfanie Trudeau has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence and will do 60 hours of community service for assaulting a man four years ago.

Former Montreal police officer to perform 60 hours of community service for 2012 assault of Serge Lavoie

Stéfanie Trudeau, also known as Officer 728, has received a 12-month suspended sentence and must do 60 hours of community service for the 2012 assault of Serge Lavoie.

Former Montreal police officer Stéfanie Trudeau has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence and will do 60 hours of community service for assaulting a man four years ago. 

Trudeau, widely known as "Officer 728" because of her badge number, was found guilty of assault in February for using excessive force while arresting Serge Lavoie outside his Plateau–Mont-Royal home in October 2012.

In his decision, Quebec Court Judge Daniel Bédard said Trudeau was the instigator in the illegal arrest, and the situation escalated because of her conduct. He added that Lavoie did not pose a threat to officers.

Jean-Pierre Rancourt, Trudeau's lawyer, told reporters that Trudeau feels it is an "unjust trial for her, an unjust result and unjust sentence for her."

The former police officer refused to comment on the decision as she left the courtroom.

Rancourt had recommended either an absolute or conditional discharge, saying extensive media coverage of the case saw his client stigmatized.

That argument was dispelled by Bédard, who said Trudeau's actions were "brutal," and that can't be ignored. 

Bédard said that a discharge is "not in the best interest of the public" due to the nature of Trudeau's actions, adding that she showed no remorse for her conduct.

In a video taken of the confrontation, Trudeau was seen screaming and putting Lavoie in a headlock.

Following the incident, she was suspended from the force before she resigned in September 2015 after nearly two decades on the force.

Trudeau first gained attention as "Officer 728" after she was filmed pepper-spraying protesters during the 2012 student protests.

This image was captured on a cellular phone video entered as evidence in the trial of Montreal police officer Stéfanie Trudeau. (CBC)

The Crown had recommended a 12-month suspended sentence with 60 hours of community service.

Jean-Simon Larouche, the Crown prosecutor, said Bédard's ruling sends a strong message to police officers that they must act with professionalism and within the law while on duty.

Trudeau was charged with assault in March 2014 but was tried by summary trial, which in turn reduced the severity of the charge. 

She is appealing the conviction.

With files from Sarah Leavitt