SQ officer previously charged with fraud arrested again

Nicolas Landry, a 15-year veteran of the Sûreté du Québec, has been charged once again.

New charges against Nicolas Landry include assault with a weapon, confinement

Nicolas Landry, 40, was arrested Thursday, May 19, 2016 and appeared in court in Saint-Hyacinthe the following day. (Radio-Canada)

A Sûreté du Québec police officer who has previously found himself in legal trouble has been arrested once again.

Nicolas Landry, 40, was arrested Thursday and appeared in court in Saint-Hyacinthe Friday.

Landry was charged with assault with a weapon, confinement, mischief, harassment and robbery.

He was released with conditions, including not being able to contact any of the alleged victims.

His next court date is set for Aug. 8.

Prior run-ins with the law

Last August, Landry was charged with fraud over $5,000 after he allegedly submitted false information to his employer in order to extend a sick leave.

The SQ said it began investigating Landry in July, 2014.

In December, he was charged with impersonating a peace officer and obstructing a peace officer.

It's unclear when his next court dates in connection with those incidents will take place.

Landry has been a member of the SQ for nearly 15 years. He's been off on sick leave since 2009.