NHL stars raise $120K during weekend charity tournament

The Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman teamed up with some other NHL stars to raise $120,000 to help sick children at the Ste-Justine Hospital.

The event was organized by Pittsburgh Penguins champion and Montrealer Kris Letang

The Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman Kris Letang organized the charity tournament to benefit the Ste-Justine hospital. (CBC)

Three-time Stanley Cup champion and Montrealer Kris Letang held his second annual charity hockey tournament this weekend.

The Pittsburgh Penguins defenceman teamed up with some other NHL stars to raise $120,000 to help sick children at the Ste-Justine Hospital.

"I'm a dad myself. To give back to them, [give them] the chance to live a normal life, have the best care we can give them, that's all I hope," he said.

In two years, Kris Letang's event has raised around $170,000 for charity. (CBC)

The funds raised also go to foundations helping those living with epilepsy and autism.

"I think the kids are so vulnerable you always want to give them a second chance."

At the tournament held in Town of Mount Royal, companies pay a fee so teams of eight employees can hit the ice with current and former NHL players.

Letang called on several of his NHL buddies to take part, including Montreal Canadiens forward Jonathan Drouin.

"As hockey players, we make nice salaries and good salaries to live. I think we can help in so many ways," said Drouin. "You have to use that to your advantage and help other people."

Quebecer Jonathan Drouin came out to participate in the tournament and give back this weekend. (CBC)

David Perron from the St. Louis Blues also lent a hand, coordinating with Letang so his own charity event wouldn't overlap.

The first edition of the Kristopher Letang Tournament raised $50,000, with this year's event more than doubling that number.

With files from CBC's Antoni Nerestant