New York City's beloved 'cronut' makes leap to Montreal

The Cronut — the pastry creation that has New Yorkers waiting in lines overnight — has hit the streets of Montreal.

The latest novelty in pastry is a mix between a croissant and a donut

Montreal's version of the cronut - dubbed the cornetto - is already gaining fans. (CBC)

The cronut — the pastry creation that has New Yorkers lining up as early as 4 a.m. — has hit the streets of Montreal.

The crossover pastry, essentially a mix between a croissant and a donut first emerged in New York City in May, when it was invented by pastry Chef Dominque Ansel. The pastry has become so popular that the bakery can sell out by 8 a.m. on some days.

Last week, the cronut made the leap to Montreal. CBC's Daybreak visited La Cornetteria bakery in Little Italy to see if the pastry lived up to its fame.

"I like that it plays with the fried — everybody loves fried stuff — and plays with the flakiness of the croissant. That's why I was very drawn to this product," owner of La Cornetteria Alessandro Ficca says.

Alessandro Ficca, the owner of Little Italy's La Cornetteria bakery, calls his version of the cronut the 'cronetto'. (CBC)

His version of the cronut — dubbed cronettos — sell for $4 each and customers are only allowed to buy two at a time.

New York City's Chef Ansel trademarked his creation, and is careful to point out that not all cronuts are made equally.

"Imitation comes in many forms. When it comes as an inspiration for chefs, I am very humbled and grateful to share ideas," he said in a statement.

"Other times, however, it's more just blatant ripping off for nothing more than commercial profit. And I'd urge those chefs to be a little more respectful to the industry and encourage them to discover new frontiers in pastry on their own."

But the man behind Montreal’s version of the cronut was careful to respect his New York City colleague.

"Dominique is a great pastry chef and I don't want to take away anything from him. Our take on it is good enough for me," he says.

"If our customers are happy with it as they seem to be that's more than enough for me."