New Monkland street festival to launch in June

The new Imagine Monkland festival will include live music, a parade and a street sale from June 22-24.

Event replaces Flavours of Monkland festival, cancelled in 2017 over complaints from citizens

The festival will run June 22-24 with music, parade and street market in the Monkland Village. (CBC)

After a year hiatus, a new street festival is coming to the Monkland Village in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce this summer.

Imagine Monkland will include live music, a parade and a sidewalk sale. It will replace the Flavours of Monkland festival, a much-maligned event that was cancelled last year.

The new festival is being organized by Arts Week, the same non-profit that runs NDG Arts Week every year.

Côte-des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Mayor Sue Montgomery said the new festival organizers took note of complaints that arose from their predecessor.

"There were a lot of complaints about noise and drunkenness and urinating in the alleys," she said. "We've had festivals in the past that didn't necessarily highlight local businesses. And I think this is what this one will do."

She added that this incarnation will be less noisy, more family-friendly and not coincide with the Grand Prix weekend.

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Mayor Sue Montgomery said this new festival takes into account complaints about its predecessor. (CBC)

Luca Palladino, co-executive director of Arts Week, said he wants the festival to be by locals, for locals.

"We're going to have two small stages instead of a large one, to address sound concerns. We're going to have a team picking up trash as well.  And we're going to address concerns by residents and local merchants one on one. It's kind of a community event, really."

Residents react

Sara Hall Daniels, who lives in the area, told CBC that the old festival was noisy, crowded, and "got out of hand."

She said the idea of a more pared-down event appeals to her.

"I love when they close off the street, it would be wonderful."

A local business owner, Mounir Abouassaleh, said he's in favour of the new approach as well.

"If they make it smaller it will be great idea. Why? Because we need the local business to grow. Before they used to bring a lot of different groups of people to come and participate here from outside, and the local business they felt the pinch."

With files from Steve Rukavina