Natrel milk pulled from shelves after problem at plant discovered

The Agropur dairy company said tiny cracks discovered on its pasteurizing equipment at its Quebec City plant are what led to problems with its milk production in recent weeks.

Agropur dairy company says milk with expiry dates from Sept. 18 to Oct. 3 can be refunded or exchanged

Agropur dairy company says it has verified all its systems at its Quebec City plant and is now back in production. (CBC)

The Agropur dairy company said it has found what led to problems with its milk production in the past weeks.

CBC received dozens of complaints about Natrel milk going bad, weeks before the expiry date.

Agropur Spokesman Marc Labelle said officials found a problem with the plant’s equipment.

“We discovered tiny cracks on our pasteurizing equipment in Quebec City, which created the situation... It’s very, very technical but what to remember is that you have milk that turns sour just return it for a refund or an exchange,” Labelle said.

The affected milk includes cartons and bags with expiry dates between Sept. 18 and Oct. 3.

Labelle said that while some of the milk may be good, the company pulled all its products off the shelves.

“We withdrew from our customers at the grocery level our skim, one per cent, two per cent and 3.25 per cent milk because we realized right then and there that it did live up to expectancy. It was not up to code.”

Labelle said there is no danger to anyone who had the milk in their fridge and drank it.

“It’s not a health hazard at all. It’s just milk that may not reach the expiry date,” he said.