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Nantali Indongo is CBC's Arts & Culture contributor and host of The Bridge. Follow her on Twitter @taliindongo.

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Paris? NYC? No, it's Montreal. Look at how the city transforms for the big screen

Here's how the film industry takes a Montreal location and turns it into another city or era.

Montreal's Feminist Film Festival is back, with more stories of anti-oppression

Filmmakers have paid their own way to come from around the world to premiere their powerful and often funny works at the third edition of the festival, which runs until Sept. 22.

A drag queen and king break down their art beyond boobs and beards

What makes a drag king or drag queen? As part of CBC Montreal's Close Up on Gender series, we spoke with Uma Gahd and Slick Hardwood about creating their onstage personas.

Telling #MeToo stories through centuries-old Indian dance

For choreographer Vasantha Krishnan, part of keeping classical Indian dance alive is to continue questioning the meaning behind the epics in Hindu mythology, even when the answers may be hard to see.

Q&A: Grammy-nominated soul singer Leon Bridges is single, ready to mingle (and other facts)

Before his Friday concert at Place-des-Arts, Texan soul singer Leon Bridges gave insight into his new, sexier sounds and shared some pretty personal stuff with arts contributor Nantali Indongo.

Montreal's locking community works to preserve their art

A community of dancers are trying their best to protect the dance form they hold dear — a street dance called locking, established some 40 years ago.

New online musical Roledex can help you find any Montreal artist

In line with the spirit of buying local products or supporting local business, Katalogue is a free online platform dedicated to promoting local musicians.

How a Montreal music duo ended up making it big in Britain

Banx & Ranx, a Montreal beat-making duo, couldn’t have predicted the success of their latest track, Answerphone. But their own stories offered hints.

Market vs. message: Aloe Blacc weighs in on the role of the artist right now in America

Against the backdrop of rapper superstars Kanye West and Childish Gambino shaking up our group consciousness, Nantali Indongo sat down with American singer, songwriter and producer Aloe Blacc to talk about using your art to do good.

Montreal artist explores black, queer identities on interactive space odyssey

Montreal artist and musician Elle Barbara's new show, Elle's Black Space Mission: An Afrodiasporic Odyssey, combines music, acting and a bit of narration, as well as projected images that change with the movements of the crew's commander.

Montreal's African film festival puts ladies first this year

This year's Vues d’Afrique International Film Festival focuses on highlighting female filmmakers and challenges world-views of the continent of Africa.

Quebec artists you'll see at the Junos: A primer

Quebec's big music night, L'ADISQ, is typically the place where the vast majority of its musicians are recognized, but they are also making their mark outside the province, as can be seen by their strong showing at this year's Juno Awards.

Last-minute change pays off big for Montreal-centric Boost at Canadian Screen Awards

Eight days before shooting their $1-million movie Boost, the producers decided it needed to be completely recast.

In Montreal, journalism meets art meets real life

By the time Nantali Indongo found herself face to face with Jorge, a heavily tattooed MS13 gang member and fighter in El Salvador, she'd forgotten she was wearing goggles and a backpack in the Phi Centre, experiencing the latest VR installation: The Enemy. She describes its power.

Celebrating Black History Month, in ways large and small

Clearly African-Canadian communities take the reins when it comes to celebrations, but if black history is a part of all history, then marking the occasion is everyone's prerogative.