Montreal rental cost comparisons

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Kijiji ad averages

Kijiji ads vs. CMHC averages


Radio-Canada surveyed 10,000 ads placed on Kijiji between May 22 and June 7, a period that equals the time period studied by the CMHC. The sample represents a snapshot of the rentals available during that specific period.

The ads from the Kijiji sample were geo-located and classified by zone, size and price. The majority of the zones are comprised of several hundred records, however some suburban areas that contained fewer than 10 have not been displayed on the map.

The averages were verified against the median prices to ensure there were no anomalies.

Why use zones and not boroughs?

The Greater Montreal area was divided along the same boundaries used by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to ensure a direct comparison.

Some areas correspond to the borough boundaries (Plateau-Mont-Royal, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal-Nord) others do not (downtown, Hochelaga, Outremont, etc.).

What type of apartments does this cover?

The CMHC study looks at the "primary rental market." The secondary rental market, which includes condos purchased and then rented out, comprises a smaller portion of the rental market.

The Radio-Canada sample includes all categories. Only 143 ads surveyed mention the word "condo."

The average price of housing on the secondary market is around 13 per cent higher than in the primary market