MUHC parking rates changed after complaints from hospital visitors

The McGill University Health Centre is changing the fee structure for its parking facilities after users complained of restrictions and high prices.

Daily rate remains $25, but now includes multiple entries and parking at other MUHC facilities

The MUHC says its revised parking rates are now on par or less expensive than other hospitals in Montreal. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

The McGill University Health Centre is changing the fee structure for its parking facilities after complaints over the cost by patients and family members.

The daily rate remains at $25 day, but that pass can now be used at the MUHC's other facilities in the city: The Montreal General Hospital and the Montreal Neurological Hospital.

The MUHC says its rates are now on par or less expensive than other hospitals around the city.

The new rates are:

  • Multi-site day pass: $25
  • One-week pass: $60
  • Two-week pass: $85
  • Seven-visit flexi-pass: $100
  • Clinic four-week pass (patients only): $70

Here are some other details of the new parking policy:

  • The daily pass can also be used for multiple entries over a 24-hour period.
  • Hospital users can also buy a one-week pass for $60, a two-week pass for $85, seven-visit flexi-pass for $100.
  • Patients at the oncology and dialysis clinics can purchase a four-week pass for $70, down from $110.
  • Previously, patients had to buy separate passes for each clinic. Now the one pass can be used at both.

Many of the new rates represent substantial savings from the previous parking rates.

For example, the MUHC said the $85 two-week pass represents a savings of $18.93 per day.

Short-term rates unchanged

Short-term parking rates at the Glen site, Montreal General Hospital and Montreal Neurological hospital are not affected by the revisions announced Thursday. 

The short term rates are:

  • 0-30 minutes: $10
  • 31-61 minutes: $15
  • 61-90 minutes: $20

Visits longer than 91 minutes are charged the $25 daily rate. 

More needs to be done: MUHC users committee

The co-chairman of the MUHC's users committee, Mario DiCarlo, says the new rates are a step forward.  But more needs to be done.

He says the $25 daily rate might force some people to choose between going to the hospital and buying groceries.

Di Carlo says the government needs to be involved.

"I would consider for instance asking the government to subsidize, at least partly subsidize the institution so we can lower rates for patients," said Di Carlo.

"And you know not just washing our hands of the situation and saying to the institution 'you can do whatever you want, it's an accessory'. But it's not really an accessory for a lot of patients, it's a need."


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