MUHC cutting $50M to balance budget

Unions representing workers at the McGilll University Health Centre are raising concerns about the network's plan to cut $50 million as the institution aims to reach a balanced budget.

Union representatives say patients will pay the price

The MUHC announced cuts to help balance its budget. 2:35

Unions representing workers at the McGilll University Health Centre are speaking out against $50 million in expected budget cuts.

In light of the network's anticipated deficit of up to $115 million, officials with the MUHC confirm it is cutting $40 million dollars in expenses and is expecting the provincial government to cut another $10 million from its budget.

In order to achieve a balanced budget, every department within the network ranging from clinical services to administration, must become more efficient, said Richard Fahey, the MUHC's director of public affairs and strategic planning.

Line Larocque, president of the union representing nurses, nursing assistants and cardiorespiratory staff, said she is concerned about the potential impact on patient care.

She said normally they try to accept as many patients as possible including those without appointments.

She said tighter budgets mean staff may not be able to offer as many unplanned services.

"The patient will suffer at the end of it," she said.

Paul Brunet, a patient's rights advocate with the Conseil pour la protection des malades, said patients should not be the ones making the sacrifice.

"I want to see sacrifices in the management," he said.

The MUHC has not specified how it will cut the $50 million, but Fahey is insisting patient care will not be compromised.