Mugesera to fight detainment and deportation

A former Rwandan politician, Léon Mugesera, accused of inciting genocide is released from a Quebec City hospital and taken to a federal immigration holding centre in Laval.

Facing charges related to 1994 genocide in Rwanda

A former Rwandan politician accused of inciting genocide is planning to fight his detainment after spending his first night in an immigration holding centre.

Léon Mugesera was released from a Quebec City hospital Saturday, and taken to the detention centre in Laval, Que. He was handcuffed and accompanied by border services agents, immigration officials and Quebec City police.

He was scheduled to be extradited to Rwanda last Thursday to face criminal charges related to the 1994 Rwandan genocide, but the court delayed his deportation after he suddenly fell ill.

Mugesera has been fighting for years to stay in Canada, arguing in court that he would face torture or death if he returns Rwanda.

He has lived in Quebec City for nearly 20 years with his wife and two children.

Deportation delays could continue

Mugesera's deportation has been stayed until Jan. 20.

His lawyers said they will be in court on Monday to fight his detainment. Lawyer Micheline St. Laurent said his deportation may not be imminent.

"There's still a temporary injuction and a permanent one. I don't know how long this procedure will take, but until all legal proceedings are exhausted, there will be no deportation," said St. Laurent.