Meet the Montrealer of the Month: Naveed Rehman

Every month, CBC Montreal’s Let’s Go will shine a spotlight on the great things, big or small, Montrealers are doing to brighten the lives of the people around them. The first person to be recognized as the Montrealer of the Month is Naveed Rehman.

Nursing aide at St. Mary's Hospital has a 'heart of gold,' says his colleague

Naveed Rehman, a nursing aid at St. Mary's Hospital, is the Montrealer for the month of September. (Submitted by Siddiqa Sadiq)

Naveed Rehman, a nursing aide at St. Mary's Hospital, spends his days helping patients who have had surgery, mainly seniors, work on their mobility.

Jad Saikali, one of his colleagues at the hospital, says Rehman goes out of his way to help the people in his life.

"He's got a heart of gold…. He never asks for anything in return. He'll do anything for you. He's the best guy I know."

Rehman is the first person to be recognized as part of a new series, Montrealer of the Month.

Every month, CBC Montreal's Let's Go will shine a spotlight on the great things, big or small, Montrealers are doing to brighten the lives of the people around them.

Rehman's wife and nominator, Siddiqa Sadiq, shared some of the reasons she thought he was worthy of the title.

"His patient wasn't allowed to see her family but she mentioned all she needed from home were some socks. He went to work the next day with socks for her. Another time, he bought a radio for a patient who was almost blind, because he was all alone in a sealed room and had absolutely nothing to do and couldn't read."

Naveed, she explained, works the evening shift and finishes work around midnight. He makes sure all his female colleagues get to their cars or the nearest Metro station, and even drops some in front of their house if they are on his way home.

Naveed Rehman said he was surprised to learn his wife Siddiqa Sadiq nominated him, because she also goes out of her way to help others. (Submitted by Siddiqa Sadiq)

Rehman said he enjoys working with seniors, talking with them and learning about their life experiences.

"They see life differently when they're at that stage, and that actually helps me with my life too…. We're all going to get old and we're all going to be at that stage. It's all [about] what you do while you're young."

He tries to do the right thing, he said, regardless of what people around him are doing.

"Even if I do something, small, small things, I'm not expecting anything back, in return."

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