Montrealer Mylène Paquette finishes solo row across Atlantic

Montreal rower Mylène Paquette is arriving in Lorient, France, after a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Paquette, 35, becomes 1st North American woman to cross North Atlantic solo from west to east

Quebec rower Mylène Paquette is arriving in Lorient, France, after a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Paquette is the first North American to row solo, from west to east, across the North Atlantic.

She left Halifax just over four months ago in a specially designed 7.3-metre boat propelled only by Paquette and the currents.

At about 11:09 a.m. CET (5:09 a.m. ET) Paquette crossed the finish line in the northwest of France.

As she was being pulled to shore by a tugboat, Paquette spoke with CBC Daybreak host Mike Finnerty about her experience.

“I’m quite excited,” she said.

“I’m feeling weak, really weak … but I’m so excited and I guess that I’m proud,” Paquette said.

“I’m used to being alone … I’m going to have some nice food in several minutes. So I’m looking forward to eating.”

Paquette thanked those who had helped her along the way. 

Queen Mary 2 lends a hand

In September, the rower got a helping hand from the world’s largest ocean liner — the Queen Mary 2. 

Paquette capsized and lost some key items, including her anchor, iPhone and satellite phone, after she was hit by the remnants of Hurricane Humberto. 

The Queen Mary 2 received her call for assistance and agreed to help out the young rower.

The crew donated food and supplies, including a new satellite phone and two anchors.

Video: Mylène Paquette arrives in Lorient, France


  • An earlier version of this story erroneously stated that Mylène Paquette was the first North American woman to cross the Atlantic. She is the first North American to row solo across the Atlantic, from west to east.
    Nov 12, 2013 4:49 PM ET


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