Montreal woman missing in Costa Rica

A Montreal family is appealing for help in the search for a 33-year-old woman who disappeared in Costa Rica last month.

A Montreal family is appealing for help in the search for a 33-year-old woman who disappeared in Costa Rica last month.

Kim Paris, a French and Canadian citizen, moved to the Central American country in January to live with her Costa Rican boyfriend.

Kim Paris, 33, moved to Costa Rica earlier this year. ((Photo submitted by Natasha Paris))
They married shortly after her arrival and opened a restaurant.

Paris was last seen Aug. 25 by her husband, who told her family she may have left their home on a bicycle. No one has heard from her since.

Paris's husband contacted her family in Montreal 10 days later, prompting her father and brother-in-law to travel to Costa Rica to launch an informal search operation.

Kim's sister Natasha told CBC News it has been difficult to get solid information.

"All the information came from [Kim's] husband, and he's very confused and desperate," she said. "He said that they had an argument the day before, and that the next day she left a note saying she would go to the grocery store, and it seems like he thinks she left with a bicycle, but it seems no one saw her leave with a bicycle."

Living in Costa Rica was a major adjustment for Kim, she added, because she doesn't speak much Spanish. But she was enjoying the change of scenery. "She really loved Costa Rica, but from what I heard, and what I felt, it didn't go fine with the husband that much."

The family has contacted Canadian and French officials, who they say have been helpful. Local authorities are investigating Paris's disappearance, but few clues have materialized.

The family is hoping to generate leads through a Facebook campaign.