Montreal's extreme cold warning is over, but a storm is brewing

Good news, frigid Montrealers: Environment Canada has lifted its extreme cold warning for the Montreal area. But the weather agency is calling for a snowy, chilly weekend.

Environment Canada lifts warning as stretch of bitter cold comes to an end

The high for Wednesday will be a relatively balmy –11 C. (Charles Contant/CBC)

Good news, frigid Montrealers: Environment Canada has dropped its extreme cold warning for the Montreal area.

The weather warning was in effect from Dec. 27 until Tuesday morning.

"It's essentially over for southern Quebec right now," said Jean-Philippe Bégin, meteorologist for Environment Canada.

On Dec. 28, the mercury dropped to –26.6 C. With the wind chill, that made the temperature feel like it was between –30 and –40.

An extreme weather warning for southern Quebec is warranted when the temperature drops below –38, or when wind chill makes it feel as if it is.

The high for Wednesday will be a relatively balmy –11 C.

Expect a snowy, chilly weekend

The cold weather we've experienced this past week is intensifying a storm that's brewing in the Maritimes.

"It's going to bring a very windy situation across all Quebec," Bégin said.

The snowstorm is expected to hit on Thursday evening and will temporarily bring back colder temperatures on Friday and Saturday.

"But not for five days in a row," Bégin said, adding that it's too early to know yet whether the lower temperatures will meet the criteria for another extreme weather warning.

Blowing snow and strong winds are expected, but the storm's trajectory could change at any time.

It's expected to mainly affect the Maritimes and eastern parts of Quebec.

"Regions in southern Quebec, like Montreal, will be affected by some snow, but nothing major."

Though it is a bit early to make predictions for later this month, Bégin said it's likely temperatures will return to average or above average starting in mid-January.


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