Montreal unveils new policy for taxi industry

The City of Montreal unveiled its new taxi policy on Thursday, highlighting security, greener vehicles, and better customer service through intelligent technology.

New policy emphasizes smart technology, improved security, electrified fleet and tailored customer service

New policy for Montreal taxis

8 years ago
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The City of Montreal unveiled its new taxi policy on Thursday.

The City of Montreal unveiled the principal points of its new taxi policy on Thursday, highlighting security, greener vehicles and better customer service through intelligent technology.

The policy was announced by Mayor Denis Coderre and Aref Salem, the city councillor who heads the executive committee on transportation, at a news conference. 

The policy lists five focal points for Montreal’s taxi industry, each with a number of goals that the city says it will implement through a series of annual action plans.

Better customer service through intelligent technology:

  • All taxis outfitted with GPS
  • Electronic payment option in all cars
  • Applications to facilitate the distribution of calls

More tailored services for diverse clients:

  • Senior citizens
  • Clients with reduced mobility
  • Tourists

A cleaner, greener taxi service:

  • Expanded fleet of hybrid and electric taxis
  • Expanded recharging infrastructure to accommodate more electrified vehicles

Better security for drivers and passengers:

  • Installation of security cameras in all taxis
  • Electronic payment option to reduce amount of cash on drivers
  • Improved collaboration with all levels of government to fight illegal taxis

Brand ambassadors for Montreal:

  • A more uniform, signature look for Montreal’s taxis (one distinctive colour)
  • Professional standards for all drivers
  • Technological standards for all taxis

The policy also opens the door to the installation of video screens in taxis for paid advertisements and information, which would help finance the various changes.

Policy aims to 'modernize' Montreal's taxi fleet

The new policy comes on the heels of a report by Montreal's taxi commission that came out in May.

The report's recommendations dealt with concerns about the safety of drivers after a Montreal taxi driver was shot and killed by a passenger in November 2013.

Security cameras, GPS and electronic payment options in all taxis emerged as key recommendations in the commission's report.

Coderre said the new policy takes those into account while also looking to "modernize" Montreal's taxi fleet.

"[The policy] puts forward an ambitious yet realistic vision for making taxis a safe, green and intelligent means of public transport," he said.

The policy will be presented to Montreal City Council next Monday, Aug. 18.