Montreal taxes up 3.3 per cent in 2013 proposed budget

Montreal homeowners will pay an average of $100 more in property taxes under the $4.9 billion budget, which promises more autonomy for boroughs.

Montreal opposition leader says taxpayers are covering the costs of corruption

A new proposed budget suggests hikes in every borough 2:33

Montreal property taxes would go up an average of 3.3 per cent under the city's proposed 2013 budget, presented this morning.

The increase would translate into about $100 more for the average homeowner.

Residents of the Plateau Mont-Royal would see the biggest increase, with their tax increasing by 5.7 per cent. Tax increases would be the lowest in Anjou at only 0.5 per cent.

Official opposition leader Louise Harel criticized the Tremblay budget for making taxpayers cover the costs of corruption.   "Inside this budget, we are paying the debt, the interest rate of the corruption," said the leader of Vision Montreal. 

Mayor Gérald Tremblay said the $4.9 billion budget marks a major change, offering for the first time a new structure for financing the boroughs that he says will provide them with more autonomy.

Véronique Fournier, a Vision Montreal councilor for the southwest borough – one of the regions with the highest proposed tax increases, asked the Quebec government for support in the building of family housing.

"It's harder and harder to live in the central Montreal," she said in response to the planned tax hikes.

The budget plan also outlines a new tax transfer that would allow boroughs the flexibility to make more financial decisions without city approval.

Breakdown of tax hikes for the proposed 2013 Montreal city budget. (CBC )