Montreal offers subsidies for land decontamination and green buildings

Depending on the type of decontamination done on the land, the project could be eligible for subsidies of 15 to 70 per cent of its cost.

Mayor says city to receive additional $200M for decontamination east of Pie-IX

Mayor Valérie Plante says the decontamination subsidies will free up unused Montreal land for homes and schools. (CBC)

The City of Montreal has announced two new programs aimed at protecting the environment and stimulating the economy.

Land decontamination subsidies will be available for both municipal and private projects until the end of 2022, covering up to 70 per cent of their cost. The Quebec government promised $75 million for this program last spring.

"Today, we mark the beginning of the redevelopment of contaminated lands of the metropolis," Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante said in a statement.

Plante made the announcement Tuesday alongside Chantal Rouleau, the provincial minister responsible for Montreal.

She said the city will also be receiving $200 million earmarked for decontamination projects east of Pie-IX Boulevard.

No timeline was given for the additional funding.

Depending on the type of decontamination, the project could be eligible for subsidies of 15 to 70 per cent of its cost.

More money will be given to projects that decontaminate the land on site, instead of trucking off contaminated material elsewhere.

Eligibility requirements for developers looking to access the subsidies will be submitted to city council later this month.

"By putting together our resources and expertise, we are contributing to stimulating the economy to the benefits of citizens and businesses," Rouleau said in a statement.

Another program, funded by Quebec's Ministry of Economy and Innovation, is providing $43.6 million for sustainable construction projects until 2030.

About $7 million will be available per year for the first three years of the program.

To be eligible for that subsidy, the project must have a sustainable development certification such as LEED.